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Roof Maintenance before Storms and Hurricanes

In Assam, the Hurricane season begins in April and lasts throughout the monsoon season. Although your home may or may not face the brunt of a major hurricane, it will almost certainly be subjected to heavy winds and rains associated with the long season. So you should take some basic steps to ensure that your [...]

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Roof Maintenance Checklist: Heres how you do it

Your to-do list The Dyna Roof, Roof Squad strongly recommends including roof maintenance in your regular home maintenance checklist. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. So, by staying aware of your roof’s problems before they escalate, you will improve your roof’s lifespan, performance and appearance. For roof maintenance lookout for Leak [...]

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Roofing Solutions: Things to Consider while choosing one

  Roofs and Looks Replacing a roof is a complete way to transform your home’s look. The first thing that grabs any one’s attention when deciding on the roofing solutions is the colour of the new roof. Now, this is significant as the colour of the roof will be the most striking part of your [...]

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Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials Options

With global warming and related consequences threatening our very existence, it is only practical, that most people should go for Eco-Friendly roofing options that are durable and affordable. You can choose your solution, from several eco-friendly roofing options depending on the cost, material, preference, and the design of your home. Top Eco-Friendly roofing for your [...]

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