Poor ventilation and Roof problems

During the summer issues are caused by poor ventilation than any other reasons put together. Improper ventilation can raise the problems of indoor discomfort with excessive heat and moisture. Proper ventilation is important to regulate the moisture from everyday activities including washing, laundry and showering to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the upper [...]

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Roof inspection and Maintenance Program

If you want to extend the life of your commercial roofing system, the first step is to establish a roof inspection and maintenance plan. You can start by performing regular roof inspections, detecting problems early, to minimize repairs and prevent premature failure.Before you start you need to consider two key factors, your environment & [...]

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Preventive Maintenance and Commercial Roofs

Preventive maintenance and commercial roofs are inseparable.To maintain the durability of commercial roofing systems, it’s important to use preventive measures.Investing in preventive maintenance is the most cost-effective way to increasing the longevity of the roof. Do read common commercial roofing problems. Nip the problem in the bud As [...]

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Common Commercial Roofing Problems

The common commercial roofing problems are different from those of residential ones. Therefore it is necessary to consider common commercial roofing problems. So it becomes imperative to know the common problems that can happen with non-residential roofing to help you take better care of your roof and, by extension, your building. You can [...]

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