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Can I install heating and air conditioning systems? 2017-11-24T06:00:58+00:00

Builders constantly praise the easy access provided by our clean span, truss-less designs for installation not only of heating and air conditioning systems, but other systems as well including electrical wiring, plumbing, drywall, false ceilings and partitions.

Can I add a mezzanine in my building? 2017-11-24T06:21:47+00:00

Several of our customers have added mezzanines to their buildings to provide themselves with even more storage space.

What are Dyna TBS roof made of? 2017-11-24T06:27:36+00:00

Our Arch style buildings are made of all AZ 70-150 GALVALUME coated steel. A special alloy containing Zinc, Aluminium and Silicone.

Any specific size of shade/building required for this roof? 2017-11-24T06:29:32+00:00

Length can be infinite; breadth should be within 35 meters (Plinth to Plinth).

Can I install trusless roof at any point of time? 2017-11-24T06:30:17+00:00

No, trusless roofing should be incorporated from the time of foundation work.

Why should I install trusless roof and not the conventional one? 2017-11-24T06:30:49+00:00

There are few advantages which trusless roof gives you over conventional roofing- Time savings, Cost savings, Maintenance free. Click advantage button above.

What about heat and noise factors? 2017-11-24T06:31:48+00:00

The high aluminium content in our Galvalume actually helps keep the building cooler inside. The deep corrugation of the panel(which makes it uniquely 3-sided) leaves less exposed surface area, which, along with our thick gauge steel, dramatically reduces noise.

How will I install ceiling fans, Lights and other essential part? 2017-11-24T06:32:38+00:00

These can be fixed onto the trusless roofing during installation of the sheets.

Can this product be installed at my own residence? 2017-11-24T06:42:37+00:00

Technically yes it is possible provided the size of the area matches our commercial viability.

What is the longevity of trusless roofings and its color? 2017-11-24T06:43:42+00:00

As trusless roofing is maintenance and leakage free its life is more than conventional roofing.

Can I put in a partition? 2017-11-24T06:44:51+00:00

Once your building is up, customizing the inside is no problem. A partition is only one of thousands of ideas to best use the space available in our truss-less, clear span designs. Be it partitions, walls or even cubicles for office space, you’ll find you have plenty of room for all your needs.

Is trusless roofing more expensive than conventional one? 2017-11-24T06:45:29+00:00

That’s a common misconception. To start with, Dyna TBS buildings are easy to install. That results in lower assembly and building costs. Our buildings are easy to install. That results in lower assembly and building costs. Our buildings are virtually indestructible and maintenance free. Look at lower insurance costs and less overall maintenance over the years and you’ve got a winner.

What if leakage or seepage happens? 2017-11-24T06:48:22+00:00

There are no chances of leakage or seepage.

Can I use my building for bulk storage? 2017-11-24T06:51:19+00:00

Bulk storage is one of thousands of possible applications for your Self Support Building. Whether you’re storing grain, machinery, widgets or anything else, you’ll find that a Dyna TBS building provides you the space, protection and expandability you need. With trusless roofing you get a larger area to store goods as there is no obstruction (Piller, Truss etc.) inside the shade.