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The SM group, an established business house, with a turnover of around Rs 1300 crores has a strong presence across the North East and West Bengal. Headquartered in Guwahati , the Group’s reputation is built upon it’s century old roots in Assam. Today, the SM group has a strong presence in the field of Steel, Real Estate, EPC, Met Coke and Road Science.

The Group has focused on growth and diversification with an undeterred belief in high standard product, reliability and transparency. SM Group has evolved magnificently over the years and today, it has a strong presence in the entire Eastern part of India.
The SM Group has remained committed towards creating premium quality products working and relying on the principles of Trust, Perseverance and Innovation. The legacy of SM Group has indeed come full circle with the success of all its diverse endeavors.


Unparalleled quality

Dyna TBS is a venture of DynaRoof Pvt.Ltd, a name that spells a revolution in colour coated roofing sheets. With the DynaRoof legacy of unparalleled quality to fall back upon, the SM Group brings to the North East innovative, self supporting metal roofing technology for the first time.

Unique concepts

Implementing a new innovative technology for the first time, Dyna TBS Pvt.Ltd, introduced a revolutionary Dyna Truss less roof, a unique concept ideally suited for large span structures without intermediate columns. This innovative technologically advanced roofing solution facilitates manufacturing and execution of roofing needs on the site itself, thus accelerating the execution of any project to incredible proportions.


Super speed

With this innovative technology, self supported spans that range from 10 to 36 meters could be achieved. The new technology also gave incredible fabrication and installation speed of 900 to 1200 sq.meters within a 12 hour period. Application of Dyna Truss less roof eliminates overlaps, ridges, and did away with nuts and bolts, thus making the roofs 100% leak proof and ensuring a watertight structure.

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