Innovative Technology For Great Benefits

Dyna TBS sheets come loaded with a pack of advantages to rest your worries at the top.A unique concept of self-supporting roofing technology, which offers up to 36-m clear span roofs completely eliminating structural support systems, is making an impact in the roofing industry. Ease of construction, girder less wide span up to 36 meters,zero maintenance and higher durability are just some of the advantages you get when you choose a Dyna TBS as a roofing sheet. Dyna TBS is a venture of DynaRoof Pvt.Ltd, a name that spells a revolution in color coated roofing sheets. With the DynaRoof legacy of unparalleled quality to fall back upon, the SM Group brings to the North East innovative, self supporting metal roofing technology for the first time.

The technology, when combined with superior quality steel, offers time and cost benefits. This technology, gave an incredible fabrication and installation speed of 900 to 1200 sq.meters within a 12 hour period. making it an ideal choice for large roofing needs. Application of Dyna Truss less roof eliminates overlaps, ridges, and did away with nuts and bolts, thus making the roofs 100% leak proof and ensuring a watertight structure.The innovative and technically improved benefits of the truss less and purlin less roofs make it highly sought after material for airport terminals, auditorium aircraft hangers and automobile industries, agricultural warehouses and also sports stadiums. Builders of commercial spaces that require leak proof roofing solutions are finding an answer to all their roofing needs in Dyna TBS.

Dyna TBS team is the main force behind the unmatched success and huge popularity of this innovative roofing sheet in a short span of time. An excellent team which works relentlessly to meet the expectations of the clients in a professional manner is well-trained to accomplish designing, production, quality testing, and warehousing responsibilities. Their synergetic efforts always result in optimum client satisfaction.
A modern infrastructure is the mainstay of Dyna TBS production capability. The well-organized infrastructure comprises different departments for accomplishing different production tasks. The manufacturing unit is outfitted with advanced technology machines and equipment that facilitate timely and convenient production. A team of production specialists operate the manufacturing facility to ensure optimum productivity without compromising on the quality parameters

Advantages of state of the art manufacturing unit and cutting edge technology ensures:

This type of roof requires less maintenance and has a long life.

  • There is a quick and easy installation of roofing sheet.
  • Roofing sheets are mechanically sealed and free from holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants. Hence no leakage will occur.
  • Trussless roof is non-combustible. It has a higher tensile strength which makes it stronger against accidents like fire and also resistance to extreme weather conditions. Even monkeys can’t damage it.
  • Distinguished architectural shape and flexibility of colours result in the strong aesthetic appeal.
  • The roof consists of turbo ventilators that are self-rotating and provided at the top of a roof. These turbo ventilators throw out the hot air and keep building fully ventilated.
  • The possibility of a bird building their nest is eliminated as there is no truss to support their nest. Thus it helps to provide cleaner and hygienic building environments.
  • Up to 50% saving in cost as compared to conventional roofing system.
  • It facilitates larger enclosed volumes allowing free movement & effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilization.

Among the few disadvantages are:

  • Very skilled labour is required.
  • Installation of trussless roof requires a large area for installation plant and hence difficult where the site is located in crowded place
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