Reasons behind the demand of Trussless roofs

The rapid evolution in roofing and cladding utilization and the entry of numerous innovative technologies and concepts has transformed the roofing industry and the players in the game are top brands of the industry. The demand for high end roofing material is more because of the consistent growth in urban infrastructure like airport terminals,IT parks, retail outlets, metro stations and a huge thrust on rapid industrialization.So,metal roofs have slowly carved a niche for themselves. A change in utilization patterns is one of the main reasons for the growth in metal roofing solutions.Today, the roof has to offer much more than protection from the elements, it has to help in rainwater harvesting,generating solar power, allow natural daylight,ventilation and also be sustainable.

Therefore, there has been a rapid growth in varied roofing,including trussless roofs.Some of the prime factors behind the rapid popularity of metal roofing systems is the fact that they are no longer considered drab affairs.
Trussless roofing solutions offers outstanding curvature possibilities.Some of the typical application areas of trussless metal roofing include warehouses,industries, car parks,entrance canopies, airport terminals and hangars, auditoriums, toll plazas,etc.
Trussless roof technology enables clear roof spans which does away the need for structural support systems. The self supporting system allows for significant amount of savings in terms of money as well as construction time.
The low weight configuration of trussless roofing system ensures reservation of structural integrity and easier and faster erection.The mechanically seamed trussless roof system are almost 100% leak proof and highly durable requiring minimal maintenance.

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