About DynaDex

DynaDex is manufactured from hot dipped zinc-coated high strength steel with minimum 350-550 MPa yield strength and coating mass of 120-275 (g/m?).

• Available thickness: 70 mm – 1.5 mm TCT • Conforms to AS1397 and BS EN 10147:2000

Advantages of DynaDex

• Excellent Spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection.

• Embossments provide mechanical interlock ensuring adequate composite action.

• Ease of installation combined with safety.

• Saves on concrete and reinforcement cost

• Greater corrosion resistance provides long life.

DynaDex - Dynaroof

Constituting mainly aluminum, steel or alloy, our decking sheets are galvanized in various forms to prevent rusting and material decay. Because of its construction from alloys, it makes this product feather weighted and provides a strong framework to your structure. These sheets from Dynaroof are dipped in a hot and galvanized zinc solution to equip them with protection from corrosion and water splash. Shaped in compliance as per with the global fire safety steps these are highly fireproof and erosion proof altogether. The quality and durability of these DynaDex sheets are excellent as they maintain an intact mechanical interlocking between steel and concrete, and makes the structure long-lasting and durable.


DynaDex Information