Will hail damage my metal roof?


DynaRoof's roofing products are made of high quality steel specially for hail prone areas. Hail can cause extensive damage to conventional metal roofs because it can break, split and cause tear-off. However, hail will not penetrate any DynaRoof sheets. In the most severe case, the [...]

Will hail damage my metal roof?2017-06-27T05:12:13+05:30

Won’t DynaRoof rust or its paint finish fade?


All of DynaRoof products are manufactured from high quality galvanized or galvanized steel, which have a coating system that protects steel from corrosion, the cause of rust. In addition, the high performance pre painted colour coating finish is guaranteed against fading and chalking. [...]

Won’t DynaRoof rust or its paint finish fade?2017-08-22T12:00:52+05:30