Your to-do list

The Dyna Roof, Roof Squad strongly recommends including roof maintenance in your regular home maintenance checklist. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. So, by staying aware of your roof’s problems before they escalate, you will improve your roof’s lifespan, performance and appearance.

For roof maintenance lookout for Leak Signs


Some things are for professionals, don’t you think? So, stop climbing roofs to spot signs of trouble. Take out your binoculars and examine your roof from the ground. You can detect damaged or missing shingles, rust spots or cracked caulk on your flashings. You should be checking your gutters for piles of granules, as well. Granules show your asphalt shingles are almost past their service life.

Common Signs of Roof Leaks


For early signs of roof leaks, you should look for wet insulation or sunlight peeking through the roof. These signs indicate your home is vulnerable to leaks. Look for dark areas on your ceilings, water stains on pipes venting the water heater and peeling-paint under roof overhangs But for repairs and replacement consult a roofing specialist.

Roof maintenance? Sort out Rotting Shingles

An old roof may show signs of cracking or rotting. Shingles may come loose and fall to the ground. Thus a weakened outer layer will expose the underlayment. This will create leaks. Repairs done by experienced roofers will definitely cost less and can extend your roof’s life for a few years.

Check Roofing Nails

Roofing nails can sometimes give way and back out. Such openings of small holes let water penetrate, especially when wind-driven rain can enter. Professional roofers are trained to detect these holes. Early detection helps you prevent bigger repair expenses or even a premature roof replacement.

Dislodged Flashing hinders roof maintenance


Flashing protects valleys and spots where the roof meets the walls and dormers. Strong winds could damage flashing and this could leave the breaks in the roof exposed, making it easy for rainwater to penetrate. It is good to seek timely repairs to mitigate leaks caused by flashing issues.

Cracked Rubber Boots


Rubber boots keep plumbing vents and anything that protrudes from the roof safe as they work like flashing by protecting the area where it meets the roof. But wear and tear will eventually crack the rubber boot, Therefore, regular maintenance and timely repairs help spot these problems and prevent roof leaks.

Are you seeing these signs on your roof? Call us for the best roofing solutions.