Roofs and Looks

Replacing a roof is a complete way to transform your home’s look. The first thing that grabs any one’s attention when deciding on the roofing solutions is the colour of the new roof. Now, this is significant as the colour of the roof will be the most striking part of your home.

Climate Concerns and roofs

When you are on the lookout for roofing solutions for your home or commercial complex apart from the aesthetic appeal, you should take your roof’s colour into consideration because colour has a significant effect on your attic’s temperature. It goes without saying that this, in turn, would make a huge difference to your heating and cooling expenses. Roofing solutions that are light-coloured reflect sunlight best, and this, in turn, helps to keep your home’s temperature cooler.  Dark-coloured roofs absorb more heat, thus making your home warmer. Therefore you should choose roofing solutions that will not only look beautiful on your home but also contribute to your comfort.

Roofing solutions & Your Exterior

While selecting roofing solutions, it’s important to take into account your current exterior colour palette. You really don’t want your roof to look like a Christmas tree, do you?  It is prudent to choose solutions that complement the colours of your windows and siding. You can go for a dramatic effect with roofing solutions in contrasting colours. However, it is best not to go for too bold colours as the roof is one of the primary surfaces in a home. If you are not sure what to do, it is best to consult the Dynaroof Roof Squad for colour, material and maintenance suggestions.

Architectural Style and roofing solutions

The architecture of the home is very important as the colour has to complement the style. You must understand that traditional homes look good in dark classic roof colours while bold shades do not work. Therefore, before choosing the solutions, determine your home’s style and choose a colour that will best highlight its unique features. Anyone who has a basic colour consciousness knows that choice also impact your home’s architecture. While Light colours can visually enlarge your home,  dark ones do the opposite.

Dynaroof Roof Squad can help you in selecting the best colour for your roof. Our 24×7 help desk is available for any queries and quality roofing services.