It is always the architecture that drives the design of a roof style. Simple homes generally have straight roofs, but stylish ones have complicated and visually appealing rooflines. However, these can impact the dynamics of roof repair and replacement. Let us check out some roof styles:

Hip Roofs

When you see a four-sided roof, it is usually a hip roof. The most common factor on a hip roof is its little peak or ridge area at the top of the roof. It makes getting enough exhaust ventilation on the roof a challenge. Moreover, accessing a steeply pitched hip roof is time-consuming for roofing contractors.

Mansard Roofs

Mansard roofs have steep pitches that cover the walls of the upper story of the home. Such roofs are a regular choice on French-style architecture. These roofs with an almost vertical pitch can damage roofing materials as they age. However, the problem vanishes with an interlocking metal roofing system. Another point to consider is the windows which might require careful flashing as with mansard roofs, windows are either inset into the mansard or protrude from it.

A-Frame Roofs

A-Frame roofs have many similarities with mansard roofs. Due to the shape roofing materials get detached from the near-vertical surfaces. Since the doors and windows are a part of the roof surface and the roof comes down at ground level, they are more subject to damage over time. Therefore choosing a durable roofing material is advisable.

Bell-Shaped Roofs

Bell-Shaped roofs are a common feature in French Provincial and Acadian home designs. They can have convex curves, concave curves, or both and these curves can be very difficult for vertical seam metal roofs. However, it is easier to use such designs with horizontally-run metal shingle roofs. If such a roof has a low pitch, it can impact the choice of the roofing material. In such cases, two different materials are advisable for high pitch and low pitch areas.

Round Roofs

Some homes have round or oval areas either as the entire roof or on a turret or tower. It is easier to construct a Round roof with segments. However, Round roofs can also be made with tapered standing seam metal panels or with metal shingles.

Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are difficult and expensive, best left to skilled metal roofing contractors. If you need such a roof you can contact us at  for some metal roofs that can offer great dome solutions!

Gambrel Roofs

Distinctly beautiful Gambrel Roofs combine some of the factors of Mansard and A-Frame roofs with transitions of roof pitch. Metal roofing can accommodate the transition flashing that goes under the higher-level roof and comes out on top of the lower roof, in Gambrel roofs.