Modern Metal roof coatings are increasingly proving to be an invaluable business asset. It is also correct that the right metal roof coating installed by the right contractor can help you protect your building for years. One of the most affordable options to repair and restore an ageing metal roof is using Roof Coatings. Other benefits of roof coatings include extending the life of a roof.

We know that metal roof coatings act as protection from the elements including, rain, wind, and even snow. In the long run, metal roof coatings also cool the roof, reduce wear and tear on the material. The reflective roof coating reduces heat transfer into the building and decreases thermal shock. It also reduces electricity bills as the cool roof can vent off heat from the inside of the building, lowering the air conditioner needs. Metal roof coatings can help stop leaks on a roof that already has them, and therefore reduce the price of repairs. Thus metal roof coatings are useful in multiple different ways.

However, the effectiveness of a roof coating depends on sufficient preparation of the roof before a coating application.

Tips on Preparing a Metal Roof for Coating:

Remove Rust:

It is necessary to do a thorough inspection of the roof for any signs of rust and remove debris by wire brush, acid etching or sandblasting.

Clean the Surface:

A thorough cleaning of galvanized metal surfaces with rust and oxide remover and water is needed. The surface must be rinsed and scrubbed.

Tighten & Secure:

You should inspect the roof to detect any loose fasteners which should be secured. It is a must to replace all faulty or missing fasteners and washers. Seal all exposed fasteners.

Brush or Power Blow:

It is a must to brush or power blow dirt from the roof before the coating application. All oil contaminants are removed by wiping with mineral spirits and a coarse rag.

Roof coatings are beneficial to metal roofs as they add durability, resistance to UV rays, and leaks. In the long run, they will extend the lifespan of any roof and offer savings on energy bills. Roof coatings can help you avoid the cost of a full roof replacement.

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