Metal Roofing is available in plenty of different varieties. It can be a  daunting task choosing between the many types of metal roofing. Let us help you find out the pros and cons of the different types of metal roofing available so you can choose the best roof for your home.

Types of Metal Roofing



The most common material used for metal roofing is steel as it is sturdier than aluminium. Steel also comes with a durable coating defending the steel roofing against rust and corrosion. The zinc coating protects it from corrosion. Later it is coated with an epoxy primer which adds adhesion to the metal roof. At the final stage, an acrylic layer is baked on top to give the roof colour and extra protection.


This lightweight material is often used in residential homes and locations. The main benefit is it is not prone to rust, so it does not require as many layers of a coating as steel. It just needs layers of paint to increase aesthetic qualities. Moreover, the softness of aluminium makes it liable to denting.




One of the most environmentally friendly types of metal roofing, Zinc is endowed with a layer of (zinc-hydroxy-carbonate). This gives a protective layer to the roof guarding it against moisture and chemicals. Corrosion-free and malleable roofing Zinc roofs can be fitted to almost any home.


Another reliable metal roofing resource, Copper is an expensive option but roofing material will not rust and does not need any coatings or finishes. It is easy to fit and practically damage-free and your home get a beautiful roof for years even after years of weathering and exposure to the elements.


Metal roofing professionals love Alloy as it is strong, long-lasting material that can last for years even after years of use. Alloy is similar to copper and weathers beautifully.


Stainless Steel:

Even though stainless steel is the most expensive roofing option, it is rust free and longest-lasting. The terne coating on Stainless steel roofing materials gives a natural matte-grey finish.

What material should I choose?

You should remember to choose the roofing material according to your aesthetic sense and budget. Roofs are either covered with asphalt shingles or metal panels or clay tiles, wooden shakes or slate. Depending on the type of material the curb appeal and durability of the roof comes into play but we would recommend a new metal or asphalt roof.