Without a doubt, Commercial roofing systems are great investments. However, installing commercial roofs involves skill and expertise to avoid problems caused by commercial roofing installation mistakes. Let us look at some Common commercial roofing mistakes.

Not Hiring Professionals

You should save your time and investment by avoiding amateur roofers when installing or replacing commercial roofs. Remember to hire professionals for the execution of the roof installation or replacement done flawlessly.
Improper Nailing Of The Roof
One of the main requirements for commercial roof installation or replacement is the nailing process which must be flawless. Very often an unskilled roofer might miss the mark or use fewer fasteners than necessary to cut costs. Such inexperienced workers inadvertently will weaken the roof’s entire structure, making it susceptible to breaking and scratching. Professional roofers ensure that the task is without any mistakes.
Nailing problems like Exposed nails, Under-driven nails, High nails, Over-driven nails can increase the risk of moisture infiltration in a commercial roofing system. Water can enter through the gaps left by improper nailing and, thus, damage the roof.

Importance of Drip Edge

Roofers have to be extra conscious when installing a drip edge as it helps guide rainwater off the roof and direct it into the gutter system. Disasters happen, as it won’t be functional and will cause water back up onto your roof during a storm. Professionals roofers will make sure they install a high-quality drip edge to prevent these issues.

The Commercial Roof Has No Leak Barriers:

For a safe roof, it is essential to install flashing barriers to protect the unprotected sections like the chimney. Unprofessional roofers, however, forget about them, which results in leaks. If the flashings are improper, leaks expose the roof to debris and moisture, which can lead to larger problems very soon.

Neglect/Lack of Maintenance:

It is good to remember to schedule regular inspections and maintenance of the roof system. Any neglect may create serious health issues for roofs, and you won’t have any idea that there are problems. With periodic professional maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your commercial roof and save you from costly repairs and possible health and safety claims.