The common commercial roofing problems are different from those of residential ones. Therefore it is necessary to consider common commercial roofing problems. So it becomes imperative to know the common problems that can happen with non-residential roofing to help you take better care of your roof and, by extension, your building.

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Leaky Roof

Any roof can start leaking, it is one of the common commercial roofing problems that occurs in commercial and industrial roofs alike. The factors that affect leaks are age, weather, and other factors and each can cause damage, leading to severe leaking when moisture, from rain, gets on the roof. Some typical signs that you have a problem are spots of mould, discolouration, or odours can be signs of leaks.

Water Ponding

Standing water or Ponding water happens when your roof doesn’t have adequate drainage. Blocked or unclean gutters and downspouts lead to clogging. Collected water often lead to a roof leak. Collected water or standing water adds weight to the roof, which can cause damage to the structural integrity of your building.


Storm Damage

Your roof can face serious issues from Storm damage. Especially damage from hail or high winds can severely harm your commercial or industrial roof. Such damage if not tackled early can increase, leading to further common commercial roofing problems.

Aged Membrane

The lifetime of commercial or industrial roofs lasts between fifteen and twenty years. It is generally longer for metal roofs. The condition of the roof, however, depends on lot of factors. Even a well-cared-for roof will eventually need to be replaced or repaired due to age. So you have to include age in your considerations for common commercial roofing problems and roof maintenance.

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All such common commercial roofing problems can be resolved by speaking with the Dyna Roof team or Roof Squad. When in doubt just give a call to us and we can provide the right repair solution after an assessment.