A tiled roof is pleasing to the eye and gives an old-world charm to the house, but everything can come to nought if you neglect the maintenance. It is common to miss cracked roof tiles, but the effects can be severe. Let us look at some common issues concerning cracked roof tiles and why it is in your best interest to get it fixed immediately.

Some of the common reasons behind cracks in Roof tiles are extreme foot traffic, loose nails and severe storms. You should particularly look out for damages in roof valleys and areas of penetration. Severe winds usually lead to cracks that bring on horizontal or vertical break. Adhesive cannot fix everything, and you will have to consider a roof replacement. Common Issues With Cracked Roof Tiles

Gaps are the most common roof tile problems. We already know that gaps lead to mould, mildew damaged walls and ceilings creating health hazards.

Severe Structural Damage

Cracked tiles in roofs, let in water into the structure underneath the roof tiles leading to structural deterioration. The deterioration further damages the internal structure of the roof. Any delay in repairing it will affect the interior of the home, including ceilings and walls.

Health Hazards

The unhealthy living conditions created by cracked tiles can trigger allergic reactions, chest infections, and congestion. There are also threats of electrical short circuits from water leaking around electrical appliances and outlets. It is also a time consuming and expensive affair to get rid of mildew. Such problems can further exacerbate during the hurricane season.

Take Immediate Action

The first step that you can take to fix the leak is to apply a simple patch replacement to prevent expensive damage. Next, you should call a professional roofer to fix the crack. For any roof repair and replacement, queries do call us or browse our

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