With global warming and related consequences threatening our very existence, it is only
practical, that most people should go for Eco-Friendly roofing options that are durable and affordable.
You can choose your solution, from several eco-friendly roofing options depending on the cost, material, preference, and the design of your home.

Top Eco-Friendly roofing for your home:

White Roof (Cool Roof)

All light or white-coloured roofs, irrespective of the material is known as cool roofs. Such roofs
have a cooling effect on a house since they reflect most of the sun rays. These Cool roof
systems is an added advantage as they cut out the need for air conditioning during the day, and
therefore, there is a considerable reduction in the energy bills.

Standing-seam Metal Roofs

Standing-seam Metal Roof is durable, reflects light and is 100% recyclable. As an eco-friendly roofing
solution, a metal roof is a good option. You can select a metal roof manufactured from recycled
materials. Metal roofs can provide great cover for up to 50 years. A metal roof is also fire-
resistant and ideal for those who want to harvest rainwater.

Corrugated Roofing

For a durable and economical green roof, it is better to choose Corrugated roofing, since it can
withstand the harsh climate. Advanced technology has enabled a variety in colour and styles not
available earlier. The neat appearance of the roof can add to the aesthetics of any home. As
installation is easy and the life span of the material is long, it is an excellent green building
roofing option for homeowners.

Green Roof an aesthetic Eco-Friendly roofing

Among the urban elite, a green roof is gaining ground because it has numerous benefits like
helping to moderate the heat effect and cleansing the air. Planting a green roof reduces the
amount of rainwater runoff, offers you home additional cooling and insulation. It also enhances
the natural beauty supplements of your house.

Reclaimed Slate or Clay Roof most eco-friendly roofing

Generations have been using clay and slate tiles as roofing since ages. Such reclaimed tiles are
the most eco-friendly option for roofs as you can choose the material to complement the
architecture of your home. Red clay tiles look great with Mediterranean design homes, whereas
slate tiles are suitable for historical homes. These natural roofs may last up to a century.

Shingle Roof From Recycled Materials

Sustainable wood shake or Shingle Roof is a good option for those interested in a classic look
with the appearance of wood shingles. The manufacturers of shingles make them from recycled content such as plastic, wood fibre, and rubber. Such roofs mimic recycled slate and cedar shakes and they are the greenest
roofing product. Affordable and a perfect alternative to those who cannot afford the expensive
slate roofs, recycled shingled roofs come with a life span of over 50 years and the roof also offer
green benefits. The aesthetic appeal is great and it does not look recycled at all. A good way to
the reduction of waste as well as the need to process new raw materials and less pollution.

Rubber Roofing

In the eco-friendly roofing options, reinforced rubber shingles manufactured from old steel-
belted tires are fast becoming popular as a good roofing material. The texture is enhanced
because it is coated with ground slate. Various colours resistance to storms and other harsh
weather conditions and a lifespan of up to 50 years are the benefits.