Today when the whole world is aware of ways of energy saving in homes, the most potent way to enhance total energy efficiency is none other than the roof. The roof can also be the best platform for energy production. Let us see how your roofing decision will impact your future energy needs and costs. Classic Metal Roof addresses the issue of heat transfer in three ways that include blocking the radiant heat transfer from sunlight by metal roofs’ special heat-reflective coatings.

Specific installation procedures beneath metal roof systems and the integral airspace beneath metal shingles stop conductive heat transfer from the rooftop to the building.If there is proper ventilation in the metal roof with roof vents, ridge vents, and exhaust vents, then convective heat flow moves any heat that is gained back to the outside.


Coming to the methods for attaching solar panels to metal roofs for property owners who want to create energy with their rooftops, the roof that can produce energy is the best answer.

However, it is prudent to choose products that will allow you to use your rooftop to produce energy and buy a solar system with a 20-year life expectancy. We should remember that in ten years new advanced technology will replace it.

Metal roofs and solar installation

Metal roofs can be integrated easily with Traditional solar panels. If you have used standing seam metal roofs, then the panels can be clamped to the raised seams with clip-fasteners directly on standing seam metal roofs. It also takes away the need for actual roof penetrations. However, minor penetrations are a must with other types of metal roofs. Commercially available fastening brackets serve well for water tightness.

Metal roofs are ideal for solar installation.

Metal roofs are highly durable and will hold up to foot traffic when the solar array is installed and serviced. Both the roof and the solar panels have simultaneous longevity. In many cases, cool metal roofs increase the efficiency of the solar panels themselves. Lastly, the energy efficiency of metal roofs adds to the productivity of solar panels.

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