By now we know the benefits of Green roofs and their environmentally friendly reasons. But how do you maintain a green roof?  Some green roofs like the Extensive green roofs that have hardy alpine plants such as sedums require minimal maintenance. Whereas, Intensive green roofs with a variety of vegetative and trees, need heavy maintenance.

Feeding and Watering

To view it very crudely a green roof is essentially a giant container garden, planted in a relatively shallow layer of soil. Firstly, a green roof would need a slow-release fertilizer. Although an extensive green roof may not require any water apart from natural precipitation, Intensive green roofs, on the other hand, do need an additional water supply. You can easily do this with a drip irrigation system and also add water by overhead spray. which has the added benefit of increasing evaporative cooling.

Weeding and Trimming

You will also need to regularly weed a green roof in the early stages. Green roofs grow horizontally so a certain amount of pruning and clipping is all that is required to keep the plantings healthy and good-looking.

Roof Membrane

It is essential that with every green roof, a waterproofing membrane must be installed. The Membrane will protect the roof material and the building underneath. Be sure to select one that is root resistant.Take time and inspect the membrane on a regular basis.

Pest control

You will need to check the rooftop garden regularly for signs of infestation such as chewed-up plants, nests, and droppings.Take care to remove decaying vegetative, stagnant water to decrease moisture-loving snails and slugs. Seek professional help if needed.

Fire Resistance

A dried-up green roof is likely to become a fire hazard. You can avoid danger by using a drip irrigation system, fire-resistant succulents, Using a growing medium with inorganic material, like sand and spacing with pebbles.