The arrival of the rainy season brings problems for homeowners, such as roofing or leakage, water ponding and so on.
Every homeowner understands that the roof is the most vital part of the home, and it is the shield of protection for the entire building. Hence you need to safeguard your roof with quality materials, a professional construction team and regular maintenance before the start of the rainy season.
Here are some roof maintenance tips for the monsoons.

Tips for a roof inspection

Do a thorough examination to see if the roof of the house/office has signs of ageing, damage, and sagging.
You must check the waterproofing on the roof; if required, you can again implement waterproofing house roof painting. While checking, look for missing, loose or slanted tiles and any cracks.
One of the main areas to check are the flashings, sliding incline and check for rusty stains and holes.
Be extra vigilant and look for cracks along the ridge of your roof and along the parapet walls.
Over time mortar joints tend to get damaged. Hence they need to be replaced immediately to keep away from moisture leaks inside your building that can deteriorate ceilings or walls.

Roof maintenance plan

The roof is the first line of protection for the entire house from various factors like rain, snow, thunder, UV radiation, and scorching heat.

Extreme weather conditions, including rain, wind and storm activity on the roof during monsoons, leads to water ponding on the surface, resulting in leaks and wet spots on the interior. Roof painting with sealants is essential to prevent any water seepage.

Cleaning Debris and Other Particles:

Most leaks are due to the standing water on the roof, and they create even more problems for your home in the long run. Hence do a complete inspection before the monsoons and clean away debris from the roof. Be sure to trim trees and overhanging branches to keep them clean and clear. So the rainwater gets a clean pathway.

Repair Portholes:

Portholes or water passageways need to be in place and well-maintained. Neglected cracks may lead to water seepage into the home. Undue moisture may lead to extra energy consumption and more electricity bills.

Check Gutters:

Gutters are a vital part of your building’s roofing system. The gutter helps evacuate and collect the water that settles on the roof and removes water from the foundation of the building to protect the exterior surfaces and prevents water from entering the premises. Any neglect will lead to repair costs later.


Do not hesitate to hire a professional team of roofers:

It is better to call a professional team of roofers to take a brief look at your roof to find out whether there are any leaks, flashing, skylights or other repairs that need attention. The dynaroof team is equipped with expert technical know-how to give you a professional analysis.
Dynaroof team can resolve areas of upgrading related to probable leaks, such as improvement to roofing quality, material, and so on.

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