A house is an asset that people usually desire to be stable and last for a long time. The roof being the most defining part of the house, homeowners consider durable materials as their first choice for roofing. Metal roofs made from different metal sheets such as steel, copper, or aluminium are long-lasting and the most resistant roofing solutions. It is because metal can withstand harsh weathering conditions and is not subject to external influences. However, Metal roof constructions are extremely energy inefficient due to the fact they have insignificant or even non-insulation properties whatsoever. A non-insulated metal roof will heat the interior during the summers as there is no insulation and in winter weather it will only speed up the temperature drop within your home. Insulation is the only way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save some money in the process.

What are the Options

To improve the efficiency of the roof, you can add some insulation to your metal roof and take care of the problem.  You can hire professionals to do the job and choose to add some spray-foam or blown-in insulation. It is convenient to use spray foam insulation as it expands once the entire space is filled and thus covers the roof. But it is better to use a radiant barrier insulation system, for metal roofs as. It can reduce heat transfer by radiation, which could be the biggest problem with your metal roof. Radiant barrier insulation systems will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it, thus, keeping the interior safe.

 Metal roof insulation benefits. 

Thermal optimization: In winters Roof insulation reduces heat loss and keeps it where it belongs – on the inside. During summers when the Metal roof can turn your home into a boiling pot if not insulated, insulation matters the most. Radiant barriers are useful since more than 90% of heat during the summer is radiant energy. Thus, the right insulation added to your metal roof will reflect the excessive heat and keep your interior cooler.

 Metal roof insulation saves money.

Insulation of your home lowers the carbon footprint of your household and helps you save money on electricity bills. For real estate investors thinking of getting a good sale, now is the best time to insulate your roof. Roof insulation adds curb appeal to the property for potential buyers from the before explained reasons and also provide a clean and neat look of the entire construction. Proper insulation material will keep the moisture and water vapour at a safe distance from your home, prolong its life span and lower maintenance costs. Finally, metal roof insulation will provide acoustic insulation which can be extremely useful in the age of growing risks of noise pollution.