During the summer issues are caused by poor ventilation than any other reasons put together. Improper ventilation can raise the problems of indoor discomfort with excessive heat and moisture. Proper ventilation is important to regulate the moisture from everyday activities including washing, laundry and showering to avoid the accumulation of moisture in the upper recesses like the attic. Poor ventilation leads to a number of serious and expensive problems.

Short roof life

Poor ventilation often leading to excessive heat and moisture is the prime reason for the dry-rot and short life of roofing material. It leads to the major problem of the damaged underlayment.


Rise in utility bills

Improper attic ventilation is the hidden culprit behind overworked air conditioners. It is difficult to keep the interiors cool and also leads to an increase in utility bills and also reduces the unit’s life.

Sagging decking

If the ventilation is not working the resulting moisture will seep into roof decking, and dissolve the adhesives which hold them together. This will further lead to sagging of the decking.


Growth of Mold and Mildew

Moisture facilitates an ideal place for mould or mildew to grow. With time the mould may damage attic storage and lead to serious health problems for residents.

Formation of Rust

Poor ventilation also encourages rust to form on structural metal like nails and fasteners due to the presence of moisture.If the ventilation is not set right this can rust the bolts and nails to cause venting or even damage the plumbing straps.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Proper ventilation will regulate and allow hot air and moisture to escape. This will reduce utility bills and prevent roof damage. It will also help in regulating the interior temperature during winter months. For any questions on the ventilation system, call the professionals at Dynaroof to schedule a free inspection.