Roof coating is a protective measure for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Coatings help to extend the lifespan of the roof by preventing water, chemical, and physical damage. It is highly beneficial as it acts as a barrier against high and low temperatures and extends the longevity and functionality of your roof. Coatings also guard the roof against harsh environmental conditions.

How roof coatings work

Roof coatings generally use Acrylic polymers which can weather the harsh conditions that a roof faces. Although the coating resembles a normal paint, it is very different and constitutes a thicker material. Coatings can resist ponding, it is reflective, and it can expand or contract. Protective roof coatings are generally white, and they considerably reduce the temperature of the roof membrane by reflecting away sunlight. Coatings improve aesthetics and increase the lifespan of all types of roofs.

Benefits of Roof Coating

Roof coatings reduce heat transfer into the building, decrease expansion and contraction or thermal shock. Coatings prevent minor leaks from spreading. The coatings easily reduce energy consumption costs, as it allows heat to be stored while regulating the temperature. Proper roof coating renders the roof resistant to ultraviolet radiation sunrays and other adverse effects of weathering. Coatings are also a good way of waterproofing the roof.

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