Regardless of the type of roof, you cannot overlook the importance of roof drains, because roof drains prevent hazards of leakage. Different types of roofs need different drainage systems.

Houses that have sloping roofs have the singular advantage of the water running off its slope and flowing down through the side gutters. On the other hand, all Flat roofs require a different kind of drainage system. Let us go through the potential problems that even a small leak could create in your home.

Potential Damage To The Roof

Leaks, whether small or big, are the primary reasons behind roof problems. Common reasons, behind leakage, are poor maintenance, installation or damage to the roof. Water leaks are potentially harmful to the roof exterior, and can easily corrode metals to seep inside wooden trusses. The moisture reduces the lifespan of the roof by reducing its water-resistant qualities. Thus leaks place the insulation in the roof, walls and electrical circuits within the walls at risk. In time, leaks can even damage the floors. Damage by moulds

Over time leaks create conducive moisture-laden breeding ground within the roof and home, for mould and fungus. Fungus and moulds are potentially toxic and a great health hazard. The microscopic fungi spread through ventilation systems in the house, and it can irritate the throat, nasal, eyes and skin areas. Moulds also thrive well in furnishings and carpets, thus exacerbating the problem!

Electrical Wiring problems due to leaks.

An efficient roof drain can prevent water from coming in contact with electrical wiring and stop corrosion or mildew from growing inside homes. Good drainage is the first line of defence against electrical accidents and critical in preventing leakage that may create short circuits. The proper water drainage system also keeps the home safe from electrical hazards and accidental fires by stopping water seepage.

Roof drains for Insulation.

Regular and proper drainage of water is essential for maintaining the condition of insulation within the roof or walls. Roof Drains keeps the effectiveness of temperature regulation within the house intact, by indirectly regulating electrical energy consumption and also bringing down expenses.

Keeping all these issues in mind, you really cannot afford to ignore the installation of Roofdrains. For any technical issues do refer to DynaRoof website. You may also contact us for the roof-related queries.