With the hurricane season almost setting in it is better, that you have a ready roof for this season. To keep your expenses within your budget, you must check and maintain the roof consistently. This will help you to get your roof ready for the inevitable hurricane season. Although the actual repair has to be done, just before the season sets in, regular maintenance will minimize damages and stress, before the season hits hard.

A small leak can become a major disaster for you, and bring on huge expenses, after a strong hurricane. Here are some areas you need to keep a check on regularly.


While choosing or repairing a roof, the materials that you select must be of good quality. Before starting the repair work, do check that your contractor picks only quality roof products, especially for withstanding storms and hurricanes.


If you notice minor leaks or water spots, it should be of concern as such areas will make the roof vulnerable to winds, hurricanes, and storms during the season. This is why you must check periodically, and fix even small leaks, so you can prevent major damages later.

Exposed Areas

If there are missing tiles and shingles, your roof will have vulnerable areas. Such areas will suffer damages from the elements and create openings for further damage. Such vulnerable roofs will have poor ability to face cyclones, high winds, and hurricanes. Severe winds during the season may blow off the roof and cause a major disaster. It is a good idea to keep spare shingles at home for minor repairs if your roof is made of shingles.

Drainage Systems

Gutters are the lifelines of the roofs, and if they are clogged, the clogged drainage systems put your roof and home under pressure against the elements. However, tiring the task, it is better to go about cleaning the gutters periodically.


Other important parts of the roof drainage are the flashings and areas that are installed with flashings, to ensure water runoff needs to be maintained to prevent water build-up. Any negligence can cause damage that will be exacerbated by hurricane conditions. 

Hire a Trusted Professional like Roof Squad

You cannot be casual about hiring roofing repair professionals. Always hire a roofing professional who is familiar with the type of roof that you have. A roofing team that you trust means will know what to check first, and they will take good care to set things right. For roofing repair, you may contact the Roof Squad an exclusive team of experts by DynaRoof.

Things to Double-Check Fixtures

Before the weather sets in, you should go for a careful check of all the overhanging fixtures or installations, such as air cooling systems. It is also a good idea to check the porches or patios. A thorough check of all pipes and attached fixtures is essential.

Trim Trees

Before the hurricane season, it is sensible to secure all furniture that could become debris. If your compound has any large trees that may pose risks, just go ahead and trim the branches to prevent punctures on the roofing. It is always a necessary precaution to have a professional roofing company like DynaRoof to check your roof thoroughly right after the end of each hurricane season and not just right before the season.