Your roof is not only the crowning glory of your home it is a complex system designed to protect, insulate and maintain the structure of your home. Therefore it is an important investment, so you’ll want to keep it in prime condition for as long as possible. Hence it goes without saying that roofing maintenance is an important part of your roof’s upkeep and should never be neglected.

Why Proper Roofing Maintenance


Negligence in the maintenance of the roof will result in problems sooner rather than later. Since the roof is the most exposed part of the building, they need routine inspections and maintenance. Major roofing manufacturers like Dyna Roof require roofing maintenance as part of their warranty requirements; failure to keep up with maintenance can cause your warranty to be voided.

Why Professionals for Proper Roofing Maintenance

Just like your annual medical checkup you need annual roofing checkup and maintenance. The Dyna Roof professionals like us inspect your roof inside and out, edge to the ridge.  The repair and replacement may cost money, but it’s only a fraction of the cost of a premature roof replacement.

The professional squad is trained to spot even the smallest potential roofing problems and therefore we can give you an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition.

The Dyna roof in house team of professional roof maintenance gives you a year-long repair and maintenance plan that works as a long-term solution. Our team is trained and to give you sound technical assistance right from the buying of the best quality roofing material to its proper installation. The squad is an in house team of dedicated professionals for the fixing of roofing and cladding products. Thus you get expert installation advice and services by technically sound professionals.


The advantage of using a professional maintenance team


Dyna Roof professional squad ensures that you get the services of technically sound professionals who are expert in their work. The installation work is always completed within a stipulated time period thus saving valuable time and money. You also get a one-year service guarantee against leakage and seepage. The squad follows all safety norms and a senior site supervisor is around. In addition to this, you are getting the benefit of 24×7 help desk.