Yes, repairing a home is a serious issue and the most expensive choice you’ll make for your home is the decision to fix or replace your home’s roof. If the installation goes wrong, the roof can be one of the biggest victims of substandard craftsmanship.

Many roofers rush through the job that results in hidden problems, leading to damages to your home’s entire structure. You do not have to be a professional, to understand the execution of installation to know what an improper roofing job is. Some of the most common signs that will show you didn’t get the quality, you paid for during your recent roof installation are:


The failure to include a critical installation step, is one of the most frequent problems with roof installation and some of the most commonly missed parts of roof replacement are:


Even a simple fastener plays an important role in the installation process. Roofers always calculate even the number of nails that they will use during the roof’s installation. If the nails are less in number, then it will leave the shingles vulnerable to flying off the roof. If the fasteners are not installed properly, then they will let in water, thus the home will become vulnerable to decline. When amateur roofers neglect to properly fasten gutters the roofs sag and cause water leaks.


Untrained roofers fail to place starter shingles at the beginning of the roofing job. Professionals know that a starter strip should be placed under the first layer of shingles along the eaves because a roof is vulnerable near the eaves due to water penetration.


Professional roofers should take responsibility for any roofing cleanup. Cleanup agreements usually include any garbage or debris packaging, nails, and any damaged landscaping.

Unprofessional roofers fail at this and pose a danger to the health of the roof as materials used in installation might be toxic for regular disposal and create medical emergencies.


Roofers should ensure minimum traffic, to access sections of the roof while following a project plan. Traffic will spoil the aesthetics of the roof, with messy dirt or tar footprints. It will further, create severe problems, including decaying materials and crushed insulation indicating that your roofing job was rushed.


The improper installation also includes faults in ventilation, and it causes excessive heat and moisture buildup. Such mistakes bring on dry rot, cracked shingles and premature roof failure. Also, water leaks are a serious sign of poor roof installation.