What do you do if your roof leaks over a weekend or when relatives are visiting? Roof leaks are frustrating and sometimes inevitable with an old roof. Here are some tips to temporarily repair your leaking roof. For a professional to patch up your roof with durable materials and trained techniques, do call the dynaroof roof squad.

Plastic Sheeting to the rescue

Try the easy way by grabbing some plastic sheeting to fix the hole. The plastic sheets are available at your local hardware store, and you might already have this material lying around in your garage.
Get up on the roof following all safety protocols, like wearing sturdy boots and having a friend assist you. Once on the roof surface, locate the spot to place the plastic sheet over the hole.
Then place heavy objects like bricks to secure them. Large holes might require nailing down the plastic with wood strips. Duct tapes can serve the purpose when the hole is small.

DIY Patching

Patching the hole is another way to stop the leak. You can plug or patch the hole by pouring water and a powder mixture similar to cement. Pour the mixture into the exposed opening. It is good to keep the product handy, and you can always get it at any large home improvement store for a DIY fix. The leak stops when the mixture dries to a solid.

Roofing Tape

Another good product is roofing tape to fix gaps or openings. You can apply Roofing tape from the inside of your attic. This method can keep the water out but only partially because roofing tapes are subject to temperature ranges and might not be effective in extreme weather and large holes.


If you have a tarpaulin sheet in your home, it can serve the purpose to arrest the leak. It is an easy and inexpensive way to save the interiors. Lay down the sheet over the damaged area and fix the taut sheet with nails to secure it.

Tar Paper & Roofing Felt

You can try out a more durable repair job with tar paper, roof felt, and some plastic roofing cement in case of these roofing emergencies. Start by applying the roofing cement to tar paper with a trowel, putty knife, or caulk gun. Next, layer the tar paper spreading cement. Add roofing felt for another layer of protection between roof and decking. It will be a temporary solution to keep water out. For more details on roof repair, do visit www.dynaroof.com. If you need a roof replacement, our installers are factory trained, experienced, and professional to get the job done right. Get a free quote online today.