Tile roofing has its pros and cons and you have to look at all its aspects. The roof catches the attention of your visitors before they notice any other architectural aspect of the house. It is the main protection that keeps your family comfortable and safe from inclement weather throughout the year. If you are considering a new home then it is definitely the right time to browse through the variety of different materials that all have advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages and disadvantages of each material

Among the common materials, Shingles are known for their durability and variety of colours and styles. But they do not last for a very long time and they are easily hit by mildew and moss.

Metal roofs, of course, are extremely strong. They are available in different colours and can also be cut to match any style. But metal roofs are also easily dented from hail and debris. They can be extremely loud during rainstorms.

The most elegant in roofing materials,Slate is definitely timeless but extremely expensive. Tile roofing, however, is elegant and strong. Let us look at its pros and cons before considering it as a choice roofing option.


Advantages of tile roofing

Homeowners choose Tile because it is elegant and unique in look. Tile roofs have a classic appearance and increases the value of the property. The bold and strong material is good value for money as it is extremely durable. A tile roof can last well over 100 years. The versatility of tile roofs is due to clay or concrete. Tile roof has a unique look. Tiles come in different colours, shapes and can fit into the style and look of almost any home.


Tile roofs are very much heavier than others. Hence a tile roof needs extra support to stand weight. Yes, this will also entail extra expenses. Moreover, tiles are also difficult to install or repair. Make sure you hire an expert contractor who is willing to put in extra attention. Tile roofs require proper installation or your roof may leak at the first heavy shower.