Metal roofs not only save on energy expenses and have a long 30-plus year lifespan with minimal required maintenance but they also provide ease with which you can hang Christmas decorations. Here are some tips and words of wisdom from our experts on how to safely make your home or business a little more festive this season. You can put up Christmas lights easily on a metal roof without any more trouble than it takes to put up these lights on a shingle roof or any other type of roof. Here are some of the most popular ways to put Christmas lights on metal roofs.

Use magnetic clips or hooks for hanging strings of lights.

Festive lights that are built specifically for metal roofing have strong magnetic strips instead of traditional fasteners. It is easy to attach the pre-built magnetic lights onto your metal roof.

The magnetic strips are strong, quick to set up and easy to take back down. You can also opt for hooks using either individual clips that attach to the back of each light or safety hooks to string them along with your metal roof sheets. Such safety hooks also come handy when you need to take down the lights once the holiday season ends.

Use LEDs to save energy

While Holiday lights are beautiful to look at, you should minimize your energy usage by opting for more efficient LED bulbs and shut them off while you sleep.

Take help from your buddy.

Ask your buddy to help you while you put any decorations on a roof or whenever you use a ladder. This way you will have someone near to help if any accidents happen.

Check out connections

It is a must that you inspect all light strings and bulbs for any damage that might cause problems. If needed, call a qualified electrician to check power lines and be sure that your outdoor electrical sockets are safe and secure.