Water leaks are a cause of anxiety for any homeowner. The first thing that strikes you is how to find the source of the leak. Do you need a professional to fix it? Will it go away by itself? And the major concern for homeowners is the cost of the repair. If the leak is a minor one, it will need minimum time and money, but major ones may need extensive repair. Let us look at the areas that are most susceptible to leaks.

Where to Find Leaks?

The most common areas that are susceptible to leaks are vents or around the flashing. Water can penetrate through damaged shingles. Sometimes leaks come through chimney areas. Leaks are not easy to detect because the wet spots on your ceiling may show or appear far away from the actual site of the leak. Often the seepage shows much later, water may be flowing downpipes and through walls before that. You should call a professional to inspect your roof.

How Costly are Water Leaks

The cost of repairing leaks depends on the damages. It also depends on the condition of the roof. You may require extensive repair if the damages are progressive, especially if the building is two or three-storied. In such houses, the water seeps through walls and damages entire sections that can be controlled only by replacing the entire roof

To Repair or To Replace

If you are lucky enough to face minor roof damage, then you can save on costs by simple repair work. However, even tiny problems may later add up to create bigger damages. In many cases, house owners think that repairing is a good way to save on expenses that may arise from replacing the roof. But like all temporary solutions, repairing is never a good idea.  It is better to seek professional help and understand the situation. So, talk to a certified roofing contractor and never ignore leaks – contact Dynaroof today to find the best solution for your roof.