With all the roofing contractors out there, how do you choose a good one? What should be your criteria for choosing the best one? How to find out if they are reliable, and do quality work and can you research the company yourself?

Let us help you choose a good, reliable commercial roofing contractor.

The license of the roofing contractor

You should look at whether the commercial roofing contractor is licensed as required by local laws. A trade license means that the roofing company has passed business practice and trade skill tests, pays a fee, and proves they are insured.

Do they have experience?

Lookout for experienced roofing companies and stay away from a roofer who is just starting-out. You should not let them use your roof as their training grounds. You will be doing yourself and your home a big service by looking for someone with more experience.

Check experience

Google and browse through their website to get the names of businesses they’re installed commercial roofs on. Call up businesses and their listed clients , check the testimonials. You may also go out and meet contractors and check on their installed roofs.

Is the company reputable?

When you hire a roofing contractor find out which commercial roofing product manufacturers they work with. You can ask the manufacturer about the roofers. It pays to know that your roofing ct project is in good hands.

What about insurance?

Insurance should be a top priority for you. If a roofing contractor doesn’t have general liability insurance, and they do something that causes damage to your property, it can be your word against them. So do not forget to check, if the roofing contractor you hire has general liability insurance.

Do they guarantee their work?

If there is no guarantee offer from the roofing contractor just look for one who does. You should check out at least ten roofing contractors and go through the recommendations of previous clients.

Municipality’s codes

The roofing company should be familiar with all the municipality codes. You should be alert to check if they are ignoring any of them, because violation may cost you later.

Who’s supervising?

A trained and experienced supervisor is what a roofing project needs, and it is good to know who’s in charge of a project. Be responsible and make sure that the supervisor is going to be on the job site to answer queries.