Why does the roof play a significant role in maintaining optimal indoor temperature? The answer to this is in several different aspects and factors of the roofing. Various reasons directly influence the amount of hot or cold air that will end up inside your home. 

The Right Roofing Material

One of the factors that will affect your home’s indoor temperatures is Roofing material. Materials differ in their quality of reflecting the heat or in absorbing it. Thus the temperature inside the house is dependent on the roofing material. If you have roofing material like Asphalt shingle, it will keep your home warm. Asphalt discourages reflection of heat or light and proves to be beneficial during cold winters.

However, for a comfortable home during the hot summers, a cool roof option such as metal roofing is a great choice. Metal roofs help in regulating the temperature of your house and make it more energy-efficient. They reflect most of the light and the heat that comes from the sun. Metal roofing provides comfort throughout the year by maintaining even temperatures year-round.

While selecting the roofing material, you should think of all aspects and base your choice on the season of the year that is harsher and affects you the most. For expert advice do give us a visit at any of our offices or browse through www.dynaroof.com

The colour of the roof

Yes, you heard it right, colour does matter. It will not only affect the aesthetics of the house and enhance your architectural style, but it will also influence the home’s inside temperatures. Hence do consider the colour options carefully before you choose one.

While choosing the colour of the roof go by the basic principle– darker coloured roofs will absorb more heat and keep your home temperatures higher. On the other hand, lighter coloured roofs will help to keep your home cooler by reflecting the heat. 

If you have a dark colour roof, then be ready for the heat that gets absorbed heating the beams beneath it, the attic, and the rest of your home. If you are confused about which colour to choose, do consult the roofing experts at www.dynaroof.com

Attic Ventilation and Insulation

The attic ventilation and insulation under your roof will affect your indoor air temperatures. Ventilation helps in air circulation and regulating temperature keeping your indoor environment healthy and comfortable. Attic insulation maintains optimal temperatures inside your home during winter and summer. Call your roofer to check on both the ventilation and insulation if you are having problems with temperature regulation.

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